Friday, March 14, 2008

Links Added

I don't have any new photo projects to show at the moment, so I decided to update the site with some photography links that I often visit. On the right side of the page, there should be a list of links divided into 3 categories. I will be adding to these periodically as I find interesting sites on the web. Here is a little intro to the sections.

Photography for Linux

I use the Linux operating system for 100% of my workflow, so this category contains links to some of the key applications available for editing photos in Linux. The two main applications are the Gimp - essentially photoshop for Linux - and Lightzone. Lightzone is a great program for converting RAW files and also a very powerful and easy to use photo editing program. I have included a great site to learn how to use the Gimp which contains video podcast tutorials. The other site "LinuxPhoto" is a great resource for all kinds of photography related applications for Linux. The author of the site is a Lightzone user and part of the development/testing team for the Linux version of Lightzone. This site is a must for Linux based photographers.

Misc. Photography Sites

This section includes the two forums I often visit for inspiration and critique. The Nikon Cafe is a large forum, with a large user base, but I have found that good honest critique is somewhat hard to come by. Unless you are an active regular member, you will either get no comments or just the polite "nice shot". The Nikongear site, has a smaller member base, but critique is much more honest and insightful. Many pro photographers hang out at "the gear" and they are really good at sharing their knowledge and experience. I find Nikongear a great place to learn and be inspired.

Learning to Light Sites

Here is a collection of sites that offer tutorials or instructions on lighting. The strobist site is a must for anyone getting into photography. It has a philosophy that skill overpowers equipment and teaches you that you don't need expensive lighting equipment to take great pictures. The Lightingmods sites is very similar to strobist, but it has many great Do-It-Yourself projects for lighting gear. The lighting Essentials site I found recently and it has many video tutorials about studio lighting.

Check them out, there is plenty of free information out there for anyone who wants to improve their photography. Read up, then try it out.

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