Saturday, January 21, 2012

FXM Photography in 2012

Here we are. It is the beginning of another year. For me, this means a fresh start. An opportunity. A chance to take a new direction, try new things and build on what I have learned. It's a time for decisions, corrections, improvements and reflection. I have big plans for 2012.

In this coming year, I want to grow every aspect of my business. I want to shoot more, do more workshops, connect with more people and learn more. I want to fine tune my photography and focus in a particular direction. I hope to accomplish this through several personal projects that I have been dreaming up for a while.

I want to start a series of workshops that will introduce the point and shoot beginner to the real joy of photography. There is so much more to this craft than just recording a memory. I think that most people don't realize how easy it is to turn that huge white blob of overexposed flash that can be barely recognized as uncle Phil at your birthday party into not only a record of his presence but also a nice picture of your favorite uncle that you could proudly display in a frame. Just a few very basic concepts can make a world of difference in the quality of anyone's snapshots!

I would also like to sponsor some talented photographers to come to this beautiful part of Florida to share their knowledge with others who want to learn and improve in this craft. I hope to develop some lasting friendships through this process with others who are as passionate about photography and about sharing that passion as I am.

Don Giannatti Teaching his Lighting Essenstials workshop in West Palm Beach, FL
I have a couple of other ideas in the slow burner to promote photography and share my passion for this art with whoever is willing to listen. Photography brings a lot of joy into my life on a daily basis and I think it can do the same for a lot of people.

On the shooting side I really want to focus on one-on-one portraiture. Seniors, model portfolios, business portraits, sports. I want to work with individuals to make them look their best and feel good about themselves. A good photograph can be a very powerful thing to one's self esteem. It can make you feel beautiful, powerful, capable, just to name a few benefits of a well executed portrait. This phenomenon has been well documented in Jeremy Cowart's Help Portrait events - something I plan to get involved in extensively also in this coming year.

So there we go. Lots of plans for this coming year. Some are already in progress others will take a bit more doing... The hope is, that by putting it all down here, I can stay focused on the path ahead.