Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meet Ashley Held

If you know me, or at least follow me on Twitter you know that I have a certain fondness for Hooters chicken wings. At my local Hooters in West Palm Beach we have, among the team of outstanding Hooters girls, Ashley Held. Ashley has more beauty / bikini pageant wins on her resume than I can count and in 2010 she was not only Miss Hooters South Florida, but also appeared in the 2011 Hooters calendar.

Ashley is always extremely friendly to me and my family whenever we show up and takes the time to come over and say hi even when we don't sit in her area. So back in August of 2011, thanks to the encouragement of my wonderful girlfriend, and to my complete surprise, Ashley agreed to come over for a photo shoot.

On the day of the shoot, I was half expecting to get a call with some excuse as to why she couldn't make it, but I set everything up anyway. Well as it turns out, Ashley surprised me once again!

On the day of the shoot we had one of those epic Florida summer thunderstorms. There was so much rain coming down that you could barely see the neighbor's house across the street. I thought for sure she was going to cancel! Then I got the call: "I'm on my way".

Ashley arrived and got thoroughly soaked just getting from the car to the front door. A few minutes to dry off and touch up makeup and hair and we were shooting!

The shoot was a lot of fun, and Ashley was absolutely great. Her professionalism, even for this informal shoot, was truly impressive. I wish her success with her modeling career and hope to be able to shoot with her again sometime.

Oh, and Ashley was also kind enough to pose with our little show-off super hero (or flying squirrel, I'm not sure which)!