Monday, March 11, 2013

Meet Chrysann

Last year was a little slow for me as far as shooting. I did a lot of experimenting with different things like aviation photography and hosting workshops. This year I plan on taking those lessons learned and building on what worked and avoiding what didn't. I started this year by going back to what I like doing best, playing with light in the studio.

Chrysann, pictured at the top of this post, is an aspiring model who contacted me through my website interested in getting some pictures to put on a comp card and try her luck in the world of modeling. Her request came at just the right time, as I was just returning from a great vacation in Europe and looking to get back shooting. I contacted another photographer friend who has a home studio and the shoot was on!

Chrysann arrived with several outfits, and some images she liked cut out from magazines so we could see the kind of photos she was looking for. This is a great help for a photographer because, not only does it help with the direction of the shoot, but it also helps to get a feel for the model. Does she like bold wild pictures, sexy and sensual, conservative, classic, etc...

Chrysann was interested in some fashion type images. Classic looks and dramatic, contrasty stuff - right up my alley! I could tell right away the shoot was going to be a blast.

We kept things simple, picked a few outfits to explore and went on to the shoot. Since Chrysann had never done a shoot before, we started very simple with some head shots and then some simple walking shots just to get warmed up and loose.

Most people who decide to start modeling are quite surprised at how difficult if actually is to be in front of the camera. It's not really natural to act natural!

The studio was quite cozy, but well equipped. Luana, my photographer friend with the studio, did a great job turning the garage into a studio. We had everything from lights to fans to air conditioning - a must in Florida even in the winter.

We had lots of fun playing rock star and trying different things in the studio just to see how it looks. We did a lot of moving around, lots of hair flipping and twirling.

The shoot was planned for 2-3 hours, but we were having so much fun that we kept on going for some 5 hours late into the night. Luana and I alternated shooting and bounced ideas off one another which kept the shoot interesting.

I love these low pressure shoots because you are free to just enjoy yourself and try different things. They are the best way to learn and test out new concepts.

In the end Chrysann did a great job and Luana and I had blast photographing her.

After the shoot, we hung around and gave Chrysann a few tips on starting out as a model. I hope she continues with the modeling and wish her success. Hopefully we have given her a good set of images to start with.