Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let's Zumba!

Zumba! The fitness craze is making a strong comeback it seems - or maybe I've been living under a rock for way too long. Regardless, I sure am glad that it gave me the opportunity to photograph Fernanda, a young newly certified Zumba instructor.

A very special thank-you goes out to Scott Mejia for his awesome makeup job. Make sure to check out his facebook page for some of his special effects makeup!

Fernanda is easily one of the nicest people on this planet, beautiful on the outside and the inside.

We put on the music and Fernanda did her thing.

She was certainly full of energy - I guess that's a pre-requisite for any Zumba instructor.

Oh yeah, but her talents don't stop there. Fernanda is also a Yoga instructor.

She was full of determination throughout the whole shoot.

It was a long and very physically demanding day, but Fernanda hung in there like a champ right to the end. With that kind of work ethics I'm sure she'll be successful in all aspects of her life.