Friday, January 29, 2016

Tennis Anyone?

Meet Eddie Elliot. He is a professional tennis player and all around sportsman. In addition to his intense tennis training, he also surfs, skates, snowboards, and if all of that wasn't enough he has recently started gymnastics training. It was through this gymnastics connection that our paths crossed and soon we had scheduled a time to shoot together.

By chance, Eddie and I live close to each other here in south Florida so we got together one afternoon just before Christmas at the tennis courts near my house and got to work on some cool portraits.

We both warmed up with some simple returns. My daughter was fielding him the balls which he then hammered back across the the net as I tried to capture him and ball in the same frame. Then we played with some wide angle shots to get something a little different.

We moved on to some serves and tried out an idea I had been toying with since we first discussed doing a photoshoot. I wanted to capture the power in the serve by having the ball smoking away from the racquet. We added a little baby powder to the ball and took lots and lots of shots until...

After this we cooled down with some headshots.

It was a lot of fun to shoot Eddie and even more fun play a little tennis with a pro after the shoot. He gave me a few pointers to improve my backhand which was in severe need of help.

Our next shoot will probably involve surfing, so stay tuned!