Friday, July 24, 2015

The Miss Florida Nationwide Shoot

Last December I published a post about a remarkable young woman named Lauren Joy Baranowski. We shot together for a new modeling agency in Palm Beach, Florida. The agency never really took hold, but Lauren took off like a rocket!

She got into the pageant scene and quickly became Miss Palm Beach Nationwide. Shortly after, this driven young lady went on to win the title of Miss Florida Nationwide, and that was when she contacted me again. Lauren needed new pictures to continue her quest for the Miss Nationwide title.

I was honored and excited to shoot the newly crowned Miss Florida Nationwide, after all, I had never shot someone with a crown before.

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There were specific shots that she needed such as: with crown, without crown, headshot, full body, with sash, with sponsor jewelry, etc... The plain gray background was also a requirement. We had a lot of fun during this shoot and even got to periscope it live!

The good thing about shooting with someone like Lauren is that you just can't screw it up - there is no way to take a bad picture!

We got some wind going too...

Back in June, Lauren traveled (with her pictures) to Texas to compete in the Miss Nationwide pageant. She was first runner up, which is a fantastic accomplishment for a first go in the pageant world.

Lauren is now putting her Miss Florida Nationwide title to good use by promoting some worthwhile causes related to her "Empowering Women" platform, such as Dress for Success.

Best of luck to you Lauren, you will definitely go far!

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